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  • Do the lights come with installation manual?
    Yes we provide an installation manual on the package.
  • Are they easy to install?
    Yes, they are easy to install but we recommend getting a professional help.
  • How do I know I’m buying the correct fog light for my vehicle?
    Before purchase, we advise you to verify your year, make, and model by referencing the VIN tag by your driver side door to make sure you are starting with accurate info. If you have any questions, please contact us before placing an order, and we will help you determine the correct parts for your vehicle
  • What are Projector lights?
    These types of lights used to be more popular on most European vehicles, but are becoming common on other makes and models. Projector lights are lights that have a filament located at one focus of a reflector, and a round glass or heavy-duty plastic condenser lens at the front of the lamp. These lenses in front of the light bulb distribute the light evenly across the front of the vehicle, and can give a larger range of visibility for the driver. The bulbs themselves are usually common Halogen bulbs that can easily be changed.
  • Do the fog light assemblies include bulbs?
    Yes. The fog lights come with the bulbs.
  • I heard there is a special way to handle Halogen bulbs, is this true?"
    You shouldn’t touch the glass portion of a halogen bulb, as any debris, even oil from your skin, can shorten the life of the bulb. Wearing gloves while handling bulbs or working on your vehicle will protect your hands and sensitive components from dirt and grime.
  • Do you charge sales tax? How much is sales tax?
    At present, we collect sales tax for almost all states to comply with the Wayfair state sales tax ruling.The amount of sales tax depends on the rates in your respective state and district.
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